Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A feeling of actual respect-how very, very rare

  Being among the percentage of the population who were screwed out of their college dreams (I'll admit, some of the screwing was my own doing) and thus are forced to live at home due to health problems, one of which, seizures, keeps me from driving (or having a driving license) in an area of town were the nearest bus stop is miles away-and are thus treated like a child in every way including having medications, prescription and not, hidden from me and my brother threatening to "beat the shit out of me" if I didn't tell him the truth about something (like he has the right to know everything!) I was awed that my normally slightly less condescend than my father primary care doctor Doctor (lets call him Dr. L) actually had a respectful appointment with me today. Treated me like an adult. Unlike my mother who is yelling at me every three seconds to drink my tea and telling she'll be really mad at me if I have a Seizure tonight ( admittedly I am a person who doesn't drink enough and there is a possibility that correct hydration may fix this problem.) Apparently typing when I should be drinking-which is her latest theory as to the cause of my dilemma-is "not right" and something to deeply resent. It's not like anyone knows being supper hydrated will help anyway.

I'm 23. TWENTY THREE. Will someone please treat me like an adult aside from this one instance with Dr. L? I know my brother pretty much can't because asperbergers makes him think he's always right and thus he think's it's totally ok to act like he;s my father.

I don't need this. The seizures and the injures they caused are problems enough. I deeply, deeply, wish I could move out.

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