Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lonely, oh so lonely, lonely, waiting for love....Haoooooooooooo!!!

Ok, so now that we've gotten the obligatory Elvis (actually, it may be The Everly Brother's Ick.) refrence out of the out of the way it's way it's time for me to post my first every blog post (clearly you can tell I do not know the lingo around here.) I've got nothing against blogs but my online communications needs were always satisfied by my amazon review account (you can look me up under Lilly Flora) were until rrecently I was a top 500 reviewer until I was exiled from and thus cannot post my reviews there or get the more than nifty free books and other stuff I was gifted because of being a Vine voice (basically-you get access to things before their in stores)or even get into fights with authors who think they're better then they really are. Thus, I'm starting a blog.

I need somewhere to post the reviews that are accruing in the meantime. I'd also love to make to make some friends because-as the title should tell you-I'm a shut in (the sick kind, not the kind who mentally can't make themselves leave the house.) Anyway, hi to everyone, I hope to meet some of you soon! 

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