Monday, July 4, 2011

What would you wear to a cannibal dinner party?

I got this question on the profile page but the character limits seriously limited my creativity. So here is my full answer, assuming that you are the cannibal who has been invited to a "regular" dinner party.

according to "Fine Dining for the Homogeneous Eater" by Dr. Emily Repast

Assuming one is dining with savages who insist on eating those so clearly inferior to them, then one must wear then something unassuming and stylish enough to say my character is boring and nonthreatening. One wants to fit in and not stand out because it's important that the main course be put at ease-they are far more tender that way. And of course the color one wears must be one that does not stain easily. And how kind our hosts were to provide all this garnish! In a non-cannibal home one can find all one needs for a feast simple by relaying on the dinner the hosts prepared and the hosts themselves! It is best to get it over with quickly though. It’s so  terrible unpleasant an un-Lady like to fight with one's food after all.

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